Tinnitus Treatment

Our approach at Northern Jersey ENT is to plan a treatment approach unique to the individual client. Two of our Audiologists have extensive experience in counseling and treating the symptoms of tinnitus.  An appointment may be scheduled with the Audiologist, Dr. Ayo Ogunlusi,  in our Teaneck office, or, Dr. Valerie Kriney,  in our Midland Park office.  A thorough audiological evaluation will be scheduled which includes: Audiometry or hearing assessment, tympanometry, tinnitus matching, loudness discomfort levels assessment, and otoacoustic emissions testing.

Following audiological assessment, an informational interview will be conducted in order to discuss the history of the client’s tinnitus and the amount of distress that the client may experience.  A counseling session will discuss the possible origins of tinnitus, and the types of treatments that will be most effective for the client.  We will also suggest that a consultation with an Ear, Nose and Throat physician be scheduled if not already done.

Types of effective treatments:  The most effective treatment for tinnitus is Counseling and Sound Therapy.  Sound Therapy may include the use of Hearing Instruments,  which are particularly effective when tinnitus is associated with compromised hearing levels, wearable sound generators, or combination hearing instruments with sound therapy programs in them such as those available from General Hearing Instruments or Widex USA.

Our audiologists will schedule follow up visits with the client for continued counseling and follow up on any instruments provided.  Table top sound machines and sound pillows for sleeping are also available through our practice.  There is no real “Cure” for tinnitus, but with proper guidance, each tinnitus patient can learn techniques to minimize or habituate to the sound of the tinnitus.