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Our Audiology Staff

Dr. Valerie Pinto Kriney, Audiologist

Audiologist Valrie Pinto KrineyDr. Kriney completed her Doctor of Audiology degree from the School of Audiology at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University), in January, 2003. She completed her Master of Arts degree in Audiology from New York University in 1975, having received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ithaca College in Speech Pathology. She was employed by Alvin Katz, M.D. for two years, and was the former Director of Audiology at Bergen Pines County Hospital for 19 years. Dr. Kriney is certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association, C.C.C, and holds licensure in both Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing from the State of New Jersey. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology, and Board Certified by the American Board of Audiology. She has extensive experience in hearing aid dispensing, and she has specialized in Tinnitus Treatment, as well, since 1997. She is recognized as a fellow of the Tinnitus Practitioners Association. Dr. Kriney holds numerous continuing education awards from The American Academy of Audiology and the American Speech Language Hearing Association. 


Dr. Ayo Ogunlusi, Audiologist

Audiologist Ayo OguniusisDr. Ayo Ogunlusi completed her Doctor of Audiology degree from the Arizona School of Health Sciences in Mesa Arizona, August 2006. She completed her Masters of Communication Disorders degree from Auburn University Auburn AL. in 1988. Dr. Ayo Ogunlusi graduated from Judson College Marion AL. in 1986 with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Both English and Psychology. She briefly worked for an ENT specialist in Manhattan, and has since been the Director of Audiology at Northern Jersey Ear, Nose and Throat Associates in Teaneck New Jersey. She is also the co-director of the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center. Dr. Ayo Ogunlusi is a certified member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and a member of the American Tinnitus Association. She received a scholar award for continuing education from the American Academy of Audiology. Dr. Ayo Ogunlusi holds Audiology and Hearing Aid Licensure in both New York and New Jersey.